RCCG Fasting 2018


Thursday, Jan 11 – Sunday, March 4 2018
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Prayer Teleconference for ALL holds on Mondays – Thursday (Prayer conference begins on Jan 15, 2018).
Fridays – We meet to pray in church
Saturday/Sunday – Personal prayers

7:00-7:10 – Every session begins with worship/praise/ thanksgiving/pleading the blood of Jesus/inviting the Holy Spirit.
7:10-7:55 – Prayers
7:55-8:00 – Close-out by Pastor.

Day 47 (Feb 26) – Conference prayers
Open doors:
Rev 3: 8 Pray that God will open your eyes to see every open door of breakthrough and not walk away from it.
I Corinth 6:9 Pray that God will deal with all adversaries preventing you from walking into your doors of opportunities.
Is 22:22 Declare in the name of Jesus, that doors of opportunities that has closed in the past will re-open for you
Is 45:1 Declare that doors for influx of people from all nations shall open for NCA

Day 48 (Feb 27) – Conference prayers
Total Recovery:
Is 41: 17-20 Declare that this shall be a season of total recovery for you and your household.
Psalm 126:1-2 Pray that God will turn around every negative situation plaguing you so far to the amazement of all.
I Sam 30:8 Pray for speed and strength to recover all the blessings the enemy has stolen from you
Jer 30: 18-22 Pray that all lost grounds shall be recovered for you and NCA

Day 49 (Feb 28) – Conference prayers
Spiritual gifting/assignment:
1 Corinthians 12:4-11 Father grant me divine revelation to recognize the gift(s) that you have deposited in me
Matt 25:14-30 Father help me to make full proof of the gifts you have given me. Enable me to use my gifts wisely and to the best of my abilities
Ephesians 4:15-16
Pray that you will be effective in your role and assignment in the body of Christ/NCA. Pray that you we will not be an obstacle to the fulfillment of God’s purpose for the church.
1 Corinth12:28, Acts 2:1-4 Pray for increase in manifestation of diverse gifts in NCA

Day 50 (March 1) – Conference prayers
Abraham's blessings are mine:
Gen. 12:1-3 - Pray that God will bless you and that you will be a blessing
Gen 15:1- Lord, be my shield, abundant compensation and be my great reward
Gal. 3:13-14 - Lord, let the blessings of Abraham come upon me and my family

Day 51 (March 2) – personal/family prayers (One night with the king)
Oil of gladness:
Job 8:21 Pray that God will turn your sorrows into joy in this season of waiting.
Psalm 126:6 Declare that God will do will amazing things in your life this year that will surprise those around you
Psalm 37:13 Decree that God will put to shame all that has been mocking you and that your days of shame and reproach are over.
Luke 6:21: Pray that laughter and rejoicing will not cease from your family /home /NCA this year.

Day 52 (March 3) – personal/family prayers (Marathon)
Broken walls/barriers:
Isaiah 59:2: Father I repent of every sin that has created a barrier between you and my self
2 Cor 10:3-4 In the name of Jesus, I pull down every stronghold /barrier preventing me from achieving my God given purpose.
Joshua 6: 1-5 Pray that God will reveal to you divine strategy to deal with strongholds/barriers affecting you
Joshua 6: 20 Father by your power, I gain full access into my inheritance in you and lay claim on every promise/blessing you have for me

Day 53 (March 4) – JiLs

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