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RCCG Fasting 2018


Day 5 (Jan 15) – Conference prayers
Isaiah 43:19 : Pray that God will make a way for you this season and do a new thing.
Ephesians 6:12 Pray for grace to prevail over all forces of darkness waging war against your life
Gen 38:29 Pray for unusual strength from God to break through in areas where men had thought it is impossible.
Isaiah 54:1-3: Declare that you enter into a new season of extraordinary breakthroughs in all spheres of life.

Day 6 (Jan 16) – Conference prayers
Divine manifestations
2 Chronicles 5:13 Pray that the glory and presence of God will continually manifest in NCA
John 6:1-2 Pray that God will make NCA a place where there are consistent manifestations of signs and wonders.
Matt 8:1-3 God manifest your power in my life and make me whole. Turn around every impossible situation in my life
Mark 16:17-18: Father make me an instrument of manifestation of your power in this generation.

Day 7 (Jan 17) – Conference prayers
1 Kings 18:45-46 - Lord let your hand rest on me and grant me grace to run ahead and achieve more than my contemporaries
1Kings 18:20-40 Father multiply my efforts grant me strength to achieve what seems impossible for others.
Psalm 18:36: Lord let my efforts achieve great results
Isaiah 26:15, Rom 9:15-16: Pray that the hand of God and his mercy will rest upon our works/service in NCA so that our sphere of influence and achievements will be mightily increased.

Day 8 (Jan 18) – Conference prayers
Deuteronomy 28:8 pray that God will command His blessings upon the works of your hands in this land and make you prosperous
Deut 8:18 Pray that God will give you creative ideas and empower you to make wealth
3 John 1:2 Pray for all round prosperity- spiritually, financially, martially, career wise etc
Prov 10:22- Pray for true prosperity that comes from God alone.

Day 9 (Jan 19) – Personal/family prayers
Make us new:
1 Sam 10:6- pray for the release of the Spirit of God in your life for transformation

Luke 3:8- pray for the ability and grace to produce fruits that meet repentance

Col. 3:8-10- pray for the grace to take off the old nature and put on the new man that is after God's image.

Day 10 (Jan 20) – Personal/family prayers
Higher calling:
John21:15-17- Lord, help me to love you sincerely and completely
John 6:26-35- Lord, let me seek you truly this year
Mark 3:13-15: Ask God to draw you away from the crowd and closer unto Him

Day 11 (Jan 21) – Personal/family prayers
School of the spirit:
Ezekiel 47:1-8 -LORD, help me to remain connected to you this year
Take from the shallow level to a deeper dimension in the school of the Holy Spirit. Lord, I want to drink more from this year.
Lord, let me become a conduit through which your freshness and healing power flow continually

Day 1 (Jan 11) – Personal /family prayers
Seed time and harvest:
Gen. 26:12-14-As we sow in prayers this season, may we receive a hundredfold
Lev. 27:5-May this season of planting and sowing yield abundance
Ps 104:27-28- As we wait on you, may all our prayers be answered
Day 2 (Jan 12) – Personal /family prayers
Josh 21:44-45- Pray for rest on every side this year and a fulfillment of God's promises
PS. 3:5-7- We will not be afraid for the Lord sustains and protects us
Job 11:19- Because of the rest that God will give us this year, many will desire God's favour as seen upon our lives.
Matt 11:27-3- As we come unto God with our heavy burdens, may He gave us rest
Day 3 (Jan 13) – Personal /family prayers
Answers to prayers:
2 Chron 6:20-21- Lord, let us experience answers to every prayer this year
Daniel 10:10-13- Let every prince of Persia that obstructs our prayers be put to shame and removed
Matt. 18:19-20- As we agree in prayers this season, may we receive answers
Day 4 (Jan 14) – Personal /family prayers
The voice of God
Ps. 29:3-11:
- Lord, let your voice thunder in every situation of my life this year
- Lord, let your voice shake every wilderness of my life and produce fruitfulness
- Lord, let your voice shatter everything that represents cedars - every strong and difficult situation of my life.

Thursday, Jan 11 – Sunday, March 4 2018
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Prayer Teleconference for ALL holds on Mondays – Thursday (Prayer conference begins on Jan 15, 2018).
Fridays – We meet to pray in church
Saturday/Sunday – Personal prayers

7:00-7:10 – Every session begins with worship/praise/ thanksgiving/pleading the blood of Jesus/inviting the Holy Spirit.
7:10-7:55 – Prayers
7:55-8:00 – Close-out by Pastor.