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Teleconference Details:

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• Access code: 35902

Prayer Schedule ( June 21 - July 22,2018):
Monday – Thursday – Prayer Teleconference at 07:00pm - 08:00pm.
Friday – We meet to pray in church auditorium.
Saturday/Sunday – Personal prayers.

***Prayer conference begins on June 25, 2018.

Typical Teleconference Program:
7:00-7:10 – Every session begins with worship/praise/ thanksgiving/pleading the blood of Jesus/inviting the Holy Spirit.
7:10-7:55 – Prayers.
7:55-8:00 – Close-out by Pastor.

Jesus is Lord Service Program:
Friday, July 20  – Worship Only Service : 7:00pm -9:30 pm.
Saturday, July 21  – Marathon Prayers and Deliverance Sessions : 11:00am -6:00 pm.
Sunday, July 22  – Jesus is Lord Service : 9:00am -12:30 pm.





Day 1 (June 21) – Personal /family prayers


Ps. 78:4-7:

  • Pray that we will train and teach our children in the way of the Lord
  • Pray that our entire generation will know and serve the Lord
  • Josh 24:15-18 - Pray that our seed will not forsake God, that our household will serve the Lord.

Day 2 (June 22) – Personal /family prayers

Wisdom to make wealth:

  • Ezekiel 28:4-Oh Lord open my eyes of understanding and reveal to me the secrets of harnessing wealth in this land
  • Prov 22:4-Father help me to operate in your fear in all my dealings  so I may acquire wisdom Prov 9: 10
  • Prov 11:24 - Ask for strength / willingness to always be a cheerful giver in line with His mandate Pray that you  will spend and be spent for the sake of the gospel
  • Matt 6:33 - Pray for grace to make Him top priority in all things

Day 3 (June 23) – Personal /family prayers

Fervent families:

Joshua 24:15; Romans 12:11-13; Genesis 18:16-19; 2 Corinthians 9:6-9; Genesis 26:13-33

  • Pray that the zeal of the Kingdom business will consume every family in NCA
  • Ask the LORD for grace not to disappoint Him as a family
  • Pray that you and your household will not fail in your responsibility as kingdom partners.
  • Pray that the grace for sufficiency and abundance for the work of God increase to wards every family in NCA
  • Pray that in the order of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, progressive-generational increase will be your portion.

Day 4 (June 24) – Personal /family prayers

Victory in marriage

  • Pray that every home in NCA will operate in power and dominion Gen 1:26-28
  • Pray that each partner will fulfil his /her roles in line with God’s mandate 1 Pet 3:1-6
  • Pray that the bond of unity will not be broken in every home in NCA Ecc4:9-12
  • Pull down every force of darkness that intends to cause discord in our homes Mal 19:5-6
  • Pray that love, peace and joy will abound in all homes in NCA 1 Cor 13:4-8

Day 5 (June 25) – Conference prayers

God’s presence

Exodus 13:20-22; Exodus 33:12-14; Genesis 39:2-4; Psalm 91:1-10

  • Ask God to lead NCA by His presence continuously.
  • Pray that because of the presence of God, everything NCA touches will succeed.
  • Pray that every members of NCA will abide in the presence of God

Day 6 (June 26) – Conference prayers

Victory in Marriages:

Eph 6:10-12, 1 Pet 5:8-9

  • Pray against unseen and seen forces working against marriages in NCA. Pray against fear, abuse, rejection, failure etc.
  • Pray against conflict with no resolution, unforgiveness, wickedness and manipulation from the pit of hell
  • Pray against adultery and divorce

Day 7 (June 27) – Conference prayers

Church on fire

1 Kings 18:20-40; Psalm 97:1-5; Isaiah 2:1-3; Obadiah 1:18

  • Just like on Mount Carmel, Let the Fire of the LORD set NCA apart in the land.
  • Because Fire attracts, let us pray that by the Fire of God will attract multitudes to come, and serve the God of NCA
  • Every other power/strongman contending with NCA will surrender by Fire now.
  • Let us pray that Fire of God will go before NCA and consume every enemy of growth and increase

Day 8 (June 28) – Conference prayers

Victory for singles:

  • Neh. 4:4 - Pray against any attack or negative influence preventing our singles from getting married
  • Jer. 51:36- Pray that all the singles needing defense, that God will plead their cause and defend His people
  • Pray for miraculous marriages this year in NCA

Day 9 (June 29) – Personal/family prayers

Victory in health

  • Let us ask for God’s mercy on everyone in NCA regarding anything we may have done that has opened doors for sickness in our lives Deut 7:12 &15
  • Pray that every member of NCA will enjoy divine health 3John 1:2
  • Ask for strength for everyone to engage in healthy lifestyles that will add value to our bodies 1Corith 10:31
  • Let us pray that the Lord will be mighty to protect us from all attacks of the enemy on our health Psalm 34:30
  • Pray for complete restoration of health for all that are sick in NCA Jer 30:17

Day 10 (June 30) – Personal/family prayers

Peace like a river

1 Kings 5:1-4; Isaiah 48:17-19; 1 Samuel 25:6; Psalm 4:8; Psalm 122:6-8; Isaiah 26:1-3

  • Pray that the LORD will give NCA perpetual peace.
  • Declare the peace of God on every member of NCA
  • Declare peace within the walls of NCA.

Day 11 (July 1) – Personal/family prayers

Fire of protection

Zechariah 2:3-5; Job 1:9-10; Psalm 3:3-6; 2 Kings 6:8-17; Isaiah 32:18

-          Ask the LORD to be a wall of fire round about NCA to protect her members.

-          Pray that the hedge of protection around NCA will never be broken.

-          Let u spray the people of NCA will enjoy secure dwellings

Day 12 (July 2) – Conference prayers

Favour for increase

Exodus 11:3; Exodus 12:35-36; Leviticus 26:6-10; Esther 2:9-15; Esther 8:1-10

  • Pray that favor will attract everything NCA needs for increase in this land
  • Ask God to give NCA favor in the sight of the high and mighty in Calgary and Canada as a whole
  • Pray that God will establish NCA by favor in this city.

Day 13 (July 3) – Conference prayers

Ministers on fire

Hebrews 1:7; Matthew 1-2; Exodus 34:29-35; Deuteronomy 32:1-2

-          Let us ask God to make our pastors flames of fire to continually fulfil the mandate of their callings

-          Pray that every Minister/worker/member in NCA will continually carry the glory of God.

-          Pray that the God’s word in our mouths will always drop as dew upon the thirsty souls.

Day 14 (July 4) – Conference prayers

Supernatural increase

  • Ask for increase in wisdom and favor with God and man for all members of NCA Luke 2:52
  • Pray that God’s nature will be at its fullness in our lives as flesh decreases John 3:30
  • Pray for consistent increase in wealth for every member of NCA Gen 26:13
  • Pray that NCA will enjoy unprecedented growth consistently. Let us spiritually lock all exit doors put in place by the enemy- Acts 2:47

Day 15 (July 5) – Conference prayers

Spiritual prosperity

  • Pray that God will create in us a strong desire to grow unto maturity and know Him intimately Heb. 6:1, 1 Pet 2:2
  • Ask that the word of God will continue to nourish us spurring us to spiritual development in all ramifications 2 Corinth 9:10
  • Ask that as we walk with Him, our faith and love for one another will continue to increase 2 Thess. 1:3
  • Pray that we will all take our walk with God with the seriousness and dedication it deserves Phill. 2:12
  • Pray for grace /strength to be kept blameless until His appearing 1 Thess 5:23

Day 16 (July 6) – personal/family prayers

Victory in our children:

  • Ps 102:28- pray that our children and generations to come will dwell safely and be established
  • Ps. 115:12-15 - Pray for increase on every side for our children
  • Is. 44:1-5 - Pray that God will pour water on our seed, pray for the grace to make them seek and love God all the days of their lives

Day 17 (July 7) – personal/family prayers

Shining stars

  • Pray that the glory of the Lord will reflect upon us to distinguish us from our peers Numbers 6 vs 25
  • Pray that we will be beckons of light in this world to draw men to God Matt 5:16
  • Ask that our lives will be a complete reflection of God’s glory in wealth, wisdom, strength, authority e.t.c Heb 1:3
  • Let us frustrate all plans of the enemy to deem the light/glory of NCA. Pray that the church will stand out and be prominent in this land Matt 5:14

Day 18 (July 8) – personal/family prayers

Victory in business and workplace

  • Father let your hand distinguish me from my contemporaries in business /workplace Gen 39vs 2
  • Oh Lord cause me to excel in ALL my engagements in business and workplace Gen 39 vs 3
  • Father make a force to be reckoned with in my line of business /workplace Gen 39vs4
  • By the virtue of my relationship with you, let my business/workplace experience unprecedented prosperity Gen 39vs 5

Day 19 (July 9) – Conference prayers

Victory for parents in waiting

  • 2 Cor. 10:3-5, Luke 10:19-Let's wage war against everything standing against the fruitfulness of the families in waiting
  • Is. 54:17 - Let's pray against any curse or covenant that is working against these families, preventing them from bearing children. Let's use the blood of Jesus and remove every of such.

Day 20 (July 10) – Conference prayers

Victory for parents in waiting:

  • Ps. 113:9 - Pray that this word be fulfilled, that God will make these parent joyful parents of children
  • Gen 25:21 - Lord as we pray in this season, answer the prayer of your people and let there be conception
  • Is. 54:1-5 - Pray for miraculous conception in NCA this season

Day 21 (July 11) - Conference prayers

Victory in marriages:

  • Prov. 5:18-19, S of S 8:6-7 - Pray that God will restore love and joy in the marriages in NCA
  • Eph 4:2-3 - Pray for the strong bond of unity and peace to be present in our marriages
  • Mark 10:9 - Pray against any force trying to separate and bring disunity and strife in marriages.
  • Prov. 14:11-Pray for stability and security of your marriage/future marriage
  • Eccle 4:9-12 - Pray for Godly companionship, support and help in your home
  • Heb. 13:4 - Pray that God will keep your marriage and make it honorable

Day 22 (July 12) - Conference prayers


  • Prov. 18:22-Pray that the favour of God will help the single men locate their God-given wives
  • Matt 19:4-6: Pray that our singles will not make the wrong choices in marriage, that God will be involved in their choices
  • Gen 2:18-Pray that our singles will find suitable helpers that will take them to their God-ordained destinies and purposes
  • 2 Cor 6:14-Pray that God will help our singles to not be unequally yoked

Day 23 (July 13) - personal/family prayers

Overflowing wealth

 Deut 28:11-13

  • Pray that the Lord will grant you abundant prosperity in all things in line with His promise  vs 11
  • Declare the blessing of God upon all your efforts and ask that your labour will not be in vain vs 12
  • Pray that God will raise men and women in NCA that will lend to nations vs 12
  • Declare according to His word that you will be above in all things and backwardness will not be your portion
  • Pray that God will bless you so much so you will be a blessing to everyone that encounters you. Gen 26:13

Day 24 (July 14) - personal/family prayers

Enduring wealth:

  • Pray that the enemy will have no hold on your finances and that there shall be no loss for you Jhn 10:10
  • Pray that you will give room for the devourer in your finances Mal 3:10-11
  • Pray that your finances will continue to be blessed by God in and out of season and that you will never experience lack  Jer 17:7-8
  • Pray that God will bless you so much that generations after you will benefit from it. Gen 26:4

Day 25 (July 15) - personal/family prayers

Disciples on fire

Acts 2:1-3; Acts 3:1-11; Zechariah 8:2; Matthew 3:11; Luke 12:35-36; Acts 17:1-7

  • Pray that every worker in NCA will experience the touch of Fire afresh
  • Pray that God will brand every member of NCA by Fire and make them agent for revival and increase in this land
  • Let us ask God to set our hearts on Fire for Him, and burn with zeal & passion for the things of God.
  • Ask the LORD to help every worker in NCA to always be ready and keep burning for Him till the end.


Day 26 (July 16)-Conference prayers

Supernatural Advantage

  • Pray for strength and help from above to achieve every feat that hitherto has appeared impossible Phill 4:13. Ask that what is impossible for others will be easy for you to achieve.
  • Pray that every mountain will become  plain before you this season Matt 19:26
  • Exercise your authority in Christ and declare that you are distinguished in life, a pacesetter, continuously showing forth the praise of God 1 pet 2:9
  • Ask that God’s favor will set you ahead / apart from your peers Esther 2:15
  • Ask that the affairs of your life will not be controlled/ dependent on what is happening in your environment Job 22:29

Day 27 (July 17)-Conference prayers


Mal. 2:15-16

  • Pray that couples will remain faithful to their spouses
  • Pray that families in NCA will produce godly seeds, our seed will walk in holiness before God
  • Pray against divorce or any form of separation.
  • Pray for love, joy, peace, unity in our homes


Day 28 (July 18) - Conference prayers


Is. 54:13-17

  • Pray that our children will be taught of the Lord
  • Pray for peace in the lives of our children. Our children will be peaceful.
  • Pray that our children will be established in righteousness
  • Pray that they will have authority over fear, anxiety, stress, terror, suicide, sexual immorality, failure, low self esteem etc.

Day 29 (July 19) - Conference prayers

Vessels of God’s mercy

  • James 3:5-6; Romans 9:21-23; Matthew 21:15-16; Psalm 127:1-7; Daniel 3:1-28
  • Let us pray the Fire of the Holy Spirit will rest on the tongue of every child, teenager & young adult in NCA. They will use their tongues for the Living God and His kingdom.
  • Ask the LORD to empower the tongue and mouth of every child in NCA to live a victorious life. Declare that they will not be timid; and they will confront the enemy at the gate.
  • Pray that the children of NCA will be arrows on Fire in the hand of the LORD
  • Carriers of Fire of God in the inside cannot be burned by the fire of man, so pray that these children will represent the Living God everywhere.

Day 30 (July 20) - personal/family prayers


Isaiah 6:1-6; Malachi 3:2-4; Proverb 25:4; John 15:1-3

  • Ask the LORD to touch your tongue with His Fire, and purge you so that you can offer an acceptance worship to God
  • Pray that the LORD will sit on us to refine and purify us so that we be fit vessels for increase & praise
  • Ask the LORD to prune members of NCA for increase and productivity this season.

Day 31 (July 21) - personal/family prayers

Marathon prayers/deliverance

Victory - broken walls/barriers:

Isaiah 59:2: Father I repent of every sin that has created a barrier between you and my self

2 Cor 10:3-4 In the name of Jesus, I pull down every stronghold /barrier preventing me from achieving my God given purpose.

Joshua 6: 1-5 Pray that God will reveal to you divine strategy to deal with strongholds/barriers affecting you

Joshua 6: 20 Father by your power, I gain full access into my inheritance in you and lay claim on every promise/blessing you have for me.

Day 32 (July 22) - personal/family prayers






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