Find answers to your questions about booking our services and other ticket guidelines

Can a family with children come to church?

For now, persons under 18 years are better ministered to online. However, parents may choose to attend different services to accommodate childcare.

Can children come to church if they stay with their parents throughout the service?

Our children and youth are currently being ministered to online. We encourage these families to join our online services. Please watch out for the link for our weekly Sunday afternoon children and youth classes. If you have not been receiving the link, kindly reach out to our church office email and someone will be happy to assist you.

Can one family book together?

Yes, but there is a maximum of 5 slots available per booking. Every individual is required to complete the registration and questionnaires by themselves.

Can families with seniors (over 60 years) still attend in person-service?

In line with the provincial regulations, seniors are to stay at home for now. All persons between the ages of 18 – 59 years are welcome to in-person service but our seniors must join us online.

What is the process for transferring a ticket to another person?

All registered tickets are NOT transferable. Any transferred ticket becomes invalid.

Will there be hand sanitizing stations?

We have 3 hand sanitizing stations. One at the entrance and 2 at the exits. Our washrooms will be available for handwashing as well as hand sanitizers are available for use on tables.

Can I still come for service if I feel unwell on the day of service?

In accordance with the provincial regulations on COVID-19, persons who feel unwell must stay at home and not attend any public gathering. Please join our online services until you feel better and have none of the symptoms addressed on your registration tickets.

How do I change or cancel my ticket?

There are two ways to change or cancel your ticket

  1. Please go to the confirmation email you received and under the Order Summary, click on 'view and manage'.
  2. Alternatively, please send an email to with your full name and description of the information to be changed.

Can I still use my cancelled ticket if I change my mind?

No - All spots for cancelled tickets are released and opened for booking. You have to register for another ticket. There is a possibility that you may not get the same service, if we’ve reached the maximum for that service.

Can I come to a service with a different service ticket?

All bookings are for each specific service. For example: you will NOT be able to attend a Friday service with a Sunday service ticket. Also, you will NOT be able to attend a 09:00am service with an 11:00am ticket and vice versa. Our registration system responds to specific codes per service therefore it will not validate wrong service tickets on entrance.

Can I hang out with my family and friends before, during or after the service?

For the safety of all congregants, it is imperative to exit the church premises and walk straight into your means of transportation after service. Please contact friends and families outside church via phone, social media or other platforms. We ask that all congregants respect the physical distancing precaution in the church premises.

When will online service registrations be opened?

Registration for all services will open on Thursdays at 09:00am and will remain open till all spots are filled.

Are we opening too soon?

Base on the online survey we recently completed, about 90% of the respondents agreed to meet in person. All feedbacks were taken into consideration prior to making this decision.

What happens when all available spots are filled and I am on the waitlist?

There is no guarantee that a spot would become available. If one becomes available, you will immediately be notified via email and/or text message according to your position on the waitlist. After which you will have 24 hours to claim the open spot online.

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