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*Prayer Teleconference for ALL holds on Mondays – Thursday (Prayer conference begins on Jan 14, 2019).

Fridays – We meet to pray in church

Saturday/Sunday – Personal prayers

7:00-7:10 – Every session begins with worship/praise/ thanksgiving/pleading the blood of Jesus/inviting the Holy Spirit.

7:10-7:55 – Prayers

7:55-8:00 – Close-out by Pastor.


Day 1 (Jan 11) – Personal /family prayers

Thankful Heart:

James 1:17, John 3:16, Psalm 124, Psalm31:19
Thank God for the gift of life and the privilege to be a part of this year’s fasting and praying.
Thank God for the salvation of your soul.
Thank God for all the battles he fought and won for you last year and the victories of this year
Thank God for opening a new chapter of your life this year and bringing you into a season of newness
Thanksgiving OHC 2018: Thank God for all round success witnessed and for helping us to achieve milestones.


Day 2 (Jan 12) – Personal /family prayers

Answers to prayers

Jer. 29:12, Ps. 102:17, Ps. 17:6, Ps 141:2, Ps. 4:1
Pray that God will turn His ears to us as we pray to Him during this fasting and prayer period.
Pray that our prayers be set before God like incense and the lifting of our hands like the evening sacrifice
Pray for relief from distress and mercy as we call out to God.
Thanksgiving OHC 2018: Thank God for the souls that were saved during the program. Psalm 9:1


Day 3 (Jan 13) – Personal /family prayers

Our Shield and Buckler

Psalm 91
Prayer that yourself and household will abide under the covering of the Almighty this year.
Rebuke every power/plan of the enemy to lure you away from God’s covering.
Pray that no evil/plague/pestilence shall come near every member of NCA and our families
Declare that you will not operate in fear this year: When others are saying there is a casting down, you will say there is a lifting up.
Ask that God will release his ministering angels to continually guide and protect you and your household this year.
Pray for long life. We will not cast our young in NCA
Thanksgiving OHC 2018: Thank God for the massive attendance witnessed. Psalm 107:8-9

Day 4 (Jan 14) – Conference prayers

New beginnings

Gen 1:1-31
Pray that the power of creation will rest upon you to bring forth your full potentials and hidden virtues
Declare that this season, everything without form/direction in your life will begin to take its proper form
Speak light into every form of darkness in your life and declare clear insight for the days ahead
Declare beauty into every aspect of your life-spiritually, financially, family
Pray that according to the word of God you will operate in dominion all through this year.
Thanksgiving OHC 2018: Thank God for journey mercies for all guest artists, Thank Him because all guest artists arrived before the program Psalm 95:2-3

Day 5 (Jan 15) – Conference prayers

New season

Ecc3:11, Job 8:7, Rev 21:4-5, Is 43:18-19
Ask that the lord will make all things beautiful for you this season.
Declare that in this season of newness, you will enter into a higher level of prosperity
Pray that the lord will wipe your tears this season and that longstanding problems will be resolved.
Pray that new doors will open for you this season
Thanksgiving OHC 2018: Thank God for giving us a beautiful weather on that day Psalm 106:1

Day 6 (Jan 16) – Conference prayers

Erasing negative records/fresh start

2 Cor 5:17, Is 65:17, Ezekiel 11:19, Eph 4:22-24, Col 2:12-14
Affirm that you are a new creation in Christ and that all your past records are blotted away by his blood.
Pray for strength to daily live in the reality that you are a new creation in Christ. Silence every voice of the enemy reminding you of your past
Pray for grace to let go of your past (unforgiveness, guilt, doubt, failures) and embrace the new season
Ask God for a new heart that is fully yielded to him.
Declare that afflictions plaguing you in the past (generational curses/strongholds) will no more have any place in your line. Pray for a complete shift/re-alignment.
Thanksgiving OHC 2018: Thank God for a release of His anointing and power on all guest ministers, Psalmists and Pastor Kola. Is 12:4

Day 7 (Jan 17) – Conference prayers

Prosperity in marriage

Pray that every home in NCA will operate in power and dominion Gen 1:26-28

Pray that each partner will fulfil his /her roles in line with God’s mandate 1 Pet 3:1-6

 Pray that the bond of unity will not be broken in every home in NCA Ecc4:9-12

Pull down every force of darkness that intends to cause discord in our homes Mal 19:5-6

Pray that love, peace and joy will abound in all homes in NCA 1 Cor 13:4-8
Thanksgiving OHC 2018: Thank God for divine provision, for supplying all our needs towards the program 2Cor 9:10-11

Day 8 (Jan 18) – Personal /family prayers

Divine health

Let us ask for God’s mercy on everyone in NCA regarding anything we may have done that has opened doors for sickness in our lives Deut 7:12 &15

Pray that every member of NCA will enjoy divine health 3John 1:2

 Ask for strength for everyone to engage in healthy lifestyles that will add value to our bodies 1Corith 10:31

Let us pray that the Lord will be mighty to protect us from all attacks of the enemy on our health Psalm 34:30

Pray for complete restoration of health for all that are sick in NCA Jer 30:17
Thanksgiving OHC 2018: Thank God because there was no accident, negative incident or chaos despite of the crowd Psalm 91:9-10


Day 9 (Jan 19) – Personal /family prayers

Overflowing wealth:  Deut 28:11-13

 Pray that the Lord will grant you abundant prosperity in all things in line with His promise  vs 11
  Declare the blessing of God upon all your efforts and ask that your labour will not be in vain vs 12
 Pray that God will raise men and women in NCA that will lend to nations vs 12
 Declare according to His word that you will be above in all things and backwardness will not be your portion
Pray that God will bless you so much so you will be a blessing to everyone that encounters you. Gen 26:13
Thanksgiving OHC 2018: Thank God for revealing and putting to shame all the plans of the enemy concerning the program Psalm 124


Day 10 (Jan 20) – Personal /family prayers

Open heavens 


Mark 1:10-11; Acts 7:56; Ezekiel 1:1

- Pray that NCA will enjoy continual open heavens this year.

- Pray that through open heavens the Trinity will approve every meetings and program at the Kingdom Center this year

- Let's pray that every member (old and new) will experience major divine visitation as the heavens above NCA opens this season.


Thanksgiving OHC 2018: Thank God for all workers and every department that God used for the program, thank him for unity among all depts.  1 Cor 12:15-19



Day 11 (Jan 21) – Conference prayers

Church growth & increase 

Acts 2:41; Acts 4:4; Isaiah 2:2

- Pray that NCA will experience significant growth in numbers this year

- Let us pray that many will come from all over the city of Calgary to hear the Good News of Jesus 

- Pray that in these last days all nations in Calgary will be attracted to NCA, and they will come and worship the Lord.

-Let us spiritually shut all exit doors and pray that we will not be tools in the hands of the enemy to make people leave the church

-Pray that the lord will create the atmosphere for the right people to come in and be planted/rooted in the church

Thanksgiving OHC 2018: Thank God for the wisdom and strength to plan the program Psalm 69:30, 1 Corinthians 1:4-5


Day 12 (Jan 22) – Conference prayers

Spiritual maturity 

Ephesians 4:13&14; 1 Peter 2:2; John 15:8; Luke 2:52

- Pray that your desire for the LORD will increase, and you will grow in His knowledge 

- Please pray that as God pour on you this year you will not waste His resources.

- Pray that your life will truly be a reflection of Christ.

- Pray that you and your household will become more and more in every way like Christ

Thanksgiving OHC 2018: Thank God for all the equipment that was used (sound, musical, media We didn’t experience failure


Day 13 (Jan 23) – Conference prayers


No more reproach!

Genesis 30:23; Isaiah 54:4; Joshua 5:9; Isaiah 61: 1-3, 7

- Pray that the LORD will remember you during this season of fasting & prayer 

- Ask God to take away every reproach in your life

-Pray that God will turn your ashes into beauty this season and wipe your tears

- Ask God to give you double portion of prosperity and everlasting joy

Thanksgiving OHC 2018: Thank God for passing through the city that night and pulling down strongholds Psalm 95:1-3


Day 14 (Jan 24) – Conference prayers


Oil of gladness

Job 8:21 Pray that God will turn your sorrows into joy in this season of waiting.

Psalm 126:6 Declare that God will do will amazing things in your life this year that will surprise those around you

Psalm 37:13 Decree that God will put to shame all that has been mocking you and that your days of shame and reproach are over.

Luke 6:21: Pray that laughter and rejoicing will not cease from your family /home /NCA this year.

Thanksgiving OHC 2018: Thank God for testimonies, answer to prayers, signs and wonders that resulted from the program Psalm 107:8-9



Day 15 (Jan 25) – Personal /family prayers

New Victories

Psalm 40:3, Is 62:1-3, 1 Sam18-6-7
Ask that the lord will fill your mouth with new songs of victory this year.
Pray that the lord will not be silent over your case this season. Ask that he will vindicate you from all your adversaries.
Pray that God will make your life an open show of his power and might.
Pray that God will grant you new levels of victory this year.

Day 16 (Jan 26) – Personal /family prayers

New levels

1 Chron 4:10, Gen 26:13, Gen 7:1, 1 Kings 8:5, 2 Sam 24:24
Pray that God will create a strong desire for increase and progress in your life this year.
Pray for new levels in terms of intimacy with God, holiness and righteous living.
Pray for new levels in terms of giving and service to God
Pray for new levels of prosperity and abundance this season beyond your imagination


Day 17 (Jan 27) – Personal /family prayers

Divine leading

Prov 16:19 Pray that the Lord will constantly order your steps this year. That you will not step out of His will and purpose for your life

Psalm 23:1-3, Is 49:10 Pray that God will constantly guide your steps in the paths of your blessings, your destiny helpers, peace and joy.

Is 42:16 Father guide my steps away from the paths of evil and destruction this year.

I Sam30:8 Pray for strength to seek and obey divine counsel.


Day 18 (Jan 28) – Conference prayers

Open doors:

Rev 3: 8 Pray that God will open your eyes to see every open door of breakthrough and not walk away from it.

I Corinth 6:9 Pray that God will deal with all adversaries preventing you from walking into your doors of opportunities.

Is 22:22 Declare in the name of Jesus, that doors of opportunities that has closed in the past will re-open for you

Is 45:1 Declare that doors for influx of people from all nations shall open for NCA


Day 19 (Jan 29) – Conference prayers

Giants shall fall

Exodus 14: 15-31 Pray that every stronghold terrorizing your life shall be subdued before you this season IJN

1 Sam 17:45-47 Pray for strength/courage to face every “goliath”/problem confronting you/declare that your strength will not fail in the days of adversity.

  1. Pray that your trust will be in God only as you face challenges of life

1 Sam 17:50-51 Decree that God will make an open shame of all adversaries terrorizing you


Day 20 (Jan 30) – Conference prayers

Standing Strong:

Eph 6:11-13 Pray that we will equipped to stand strong in Him till He appears in glory

1 Pet5:8 Pray for sensitivity in the spirit to the antics of the devil to prevent you from standing strong.

Luke 22:31-32 Ask for God’s help and mercy in your Christian race so that you will not fall.

Heb 10:23- Pray for strength to hold on to God until every promise/prophecy concerning you is manifested

  1. Pray that our faith and hope in Christ will not waver till we see Him face to face.


Day 21 (Jan 31) – Conference prayers

Overflow (More than enough)

Luke 6: 38 Pray for strength and willingness to constantly give financially and in service to God so that you may enjoy overflowing blessing.

John 10:10 Stand against everything that has been working against your ability to enjoy God’s overflowing blessings and abundance

Prov 3:10 Declare that nothing shall limit your blessings anymore and that you enter a new realm of more than enough

Joel 2:24 Declare that you will have so much that you will become a force to be reckoned with and a blessing to this generation



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