Main function of providing meals and refreshments to members and guests of the Church within and outside the church as and when required

Continual Commitment to meeting and exceeding the expectations of all we serve through our show of love, humility and dedication.

As ambassadors for Christ and New Covenant Assembly, our mission is to reflect the love of Christ to all who enter our doors, expressing excitement and enthusiasm for the opportunity to share our church home and to welcome all visitors in such a way that they would be transformed from strangers into friends. We work towards becoming leaders serving with excellence. Our core focus is to create an atmosphere of love, fellowship, and excitement for everyone who enters the church through a friendly welcome, knowledgeable information about the church, and help for those who need it.

The word hospitality literally means love of strangers and is found several times in the New Testament (Romans 12:13; 1 Timothy 3:2; Titus 1:8; 1 Peter 4:9). We believe that Hospitality is a pillar of Stewardship and Faith Formation and is required of all believers by Jesus Christ.

⦁ Ready and present to serve with excellence
⦁ Working closely with the Co-ordinators of other departments in ensuring that the needs of all guests are met with excellence.
⦁ Be active in furthering the vision and mission of New Covenant Assembly.
⦁ Exhibit a welcoming attitude to everyone who enters the church
⦁ Encourage each member to fulfill his/her own ministry of making people feel welcomed in the church.
⦁ Be creative and innovative regarding new ways to create a more welcoming atmosphere for our guests.
⦁ To encourage new relationships within our church body as well as fostering new relationships with new members and visitors by sharing weekly fellowship lunch.
⦁ Be familiar with all announcement materials and speak with clarity and confidence at all times.
⦁ Ensure that all first-time visitors receive a visitors card and a welcome packet before they leave the church
⦁ To ensure the smooth preparation and distribution of meals and refreshments during church functions including special occasions.
⦁ To be the best in hospitality service through continual training and workshops
⦁ We hope to show visitors and members alike that they are part of New Covenant Assembly, but more importantly that we are all part of the family of God. In the light of this, we hope to populate the church and the kingdom of God by our activities and conduct.




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