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Ignite is a young adult and single fellowship group with the aim to create a platform where young adults can interact and build a healthy relationship with one another.


As a group, we provide programs and resources for young adults in Calgary to explore ways to integrate their Christian faith into their lives, for them to become models and leaders for the kingdom of God.

About Us

Ignite 1.0

Ignite 1.0 has the goal to bring and support as many young adults aged 18 to 30, to help them understand who they are, what's their Godly purpose, and how to navigate the complexities of living as a young christian in the 21st century, such as education, relationship and many more.

Ignite 2.0

Ignite 2.0 has to aim to assist young singles aged 31 and above, as they take part into a new beginning by discovering who they are, and how to use their Godly purpose and make an impact on the world.