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Mystery of the Dance

April 11, 2024

Let the peoples praise you, o God. 

 Let all the peoples praise You  

Then the earth shall yield her increase. 

God, our own God shall bless us" 

 - Psalms 67: 5-6 

The mystery of the dance is profound, for example David danced before God and got an everlasting covenant. Similarly, in Matthew 14:5-16, the daughter of Herodias danced before Herod and got the king to offer her half of his kingdom, but eventually settled on the head of John the Baptist as her reward.

If we praise God before we get the victory, He gives us spoils of war. Every time we praise God ahead of the victory, we get extra. In Romans 13:8, we are admonished to owe nobody nothing but when we thank Him ahead, God owes us, and He is quick to release our blessings. 

The Bible teaches that God does not like us boasting as seen in Psalms 44:8, however when it comes to praise, we are permitted to boast our God as there is no God like him. When we boast about God, we must put a dance to our boast. It is only in God we can boast all day long, and we can do this by calling Him his names and pronouncing what He has done for us (healer, warrior, conqueror etc). We can boast in the Lord with our dance, even in the face of challenges that seem like it will consume us. 

We must understand as believers, that we can get our miracles by dancing. The Bible is filled with people who danced and got favours both from God and men. Dancing before God shows our state of mind and how we would react when we eventually get our long-awaited testimony. Similarly, your dance can wake your helpers and cause them to lose sleep until they have helped you.  

Dancing is a form of gratitude and when we engage in it, we recall all God did in the past and can thank Him in advance for meeting our needs. Believers who do not understand the mystery behind praising and dancing are missing out. They potentially open themselves for ingratitude and entitlement to set in.  

In Psalms 67:5 the Bible commands that the people should praise God and the earth shall yield her increase. The earth is waiting for our praise and dance so it can yield its increase. Our dance signifies gratitude towards God for the things he has done and a proof of faith for those things He is yet to do. 

As believers, we are encouraged to bring to practice the mystery behind dance and then watch God swing into action on our behalf to deliver our miracles. 

Song of Worship  

 When the spirit of the Lord is upon my soul, I will dance like David danced  

I will dance, I will dance, I will dance like David danced. 

Prayer - Dear Lord, enlighten my eyes to understand the mystery behind dancing and empower me by your Holy Spirit to always dance to the glory of your name in Jesus’ name. Amen 

Bible in 1 year:1 Samuel 22-24


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