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Seasons of Refreshing

May 1, 2024

 See! The winter is past; the rains are over and gone. Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come.

 - Song of Solomon 2:11-12  

Like the different seasons in the weather, God often designs seasons in our lives as opportunities for renewal and growth. Each season is unique and although it comes with challenges, God has placed blessings that help to shape our growth spiritually. 

Winter Season is a time when things seem not to be happening, everything is white or barren. However beneath the snow, there is growth happening, preparing us for the burst of life that comes at the first signs of spring. Winter reminds us that even when it looks like nothing is happening in our lives, God is using those moments to give us rest and renew our strength, removing all the distractions that take up our energy and time.

Spring brings with it new beginnings, energy conserved during winter now results in growth. God breathing new life into that which was dormant, and our faith starts to bloom and show the signs of God’s restoration.

Summer is a season of flourishing and strength. As a result of all the preparations that have happened in the winter and spring season, you begin to display the fullness of God’s work of refreshing and restoration.

Autumn – time for reflection and harvest and shedding of things in preparation for future growth, falling leaves enrich the soil and likewise we should enrich others with the lessons learned and experiences we have gained, celebrating God’s faithfulness and sharing our testimonies. Dropping off any old habits, that would not serve us in the next season, preparing for a new cycle of growth and opportunities.

Each season is important. And as we learn to trust God’s purpose for each season, we will grow deeper in our faith and be in alignment with His plan and purpose for our lives.

Song of Worship  

 Dance with me Lord, Lover of my soul

To the song of all songs

Song: Dance with Me Lord, by Paul Wilbur 

Prayer -  As the seasons change, may I enter into the season of refreshing and renewal You have for me oh God. Open my eyes and my ears to know exactly what I should be doing this season to usher in the fullness of Your will in Jesus Name. Amen



Bible in 1 year: 1 Kings 14-15; Luke 22


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