The vision of the Youth Church is to raise an army of Youths for the Lord. Youths that will rise above the perversity in their generation and pass on the torch of righteousness to the next generation. We also act in various capacities as a bridge between the Children and Adult Church in NCA.

The Youth church is currently made up of four distinct groups namely:

The Warriors (10-11Years)

The Overcomers (12-13years)

The Conquerors (14-15Years)

The Achievers (16-17years)

Internal events such as the monthly movie nights are organized in the church on the last Friday of the month. We also hold the Gender Sensitive and Trending issues (GSTI) once every quarter in which we engage the Youths on various trending sensitive issues. It’s like a no-holds-barred session where students are free to ask questions. Our Youths look forward to the GSTI because it’s always an open session and this has been a great success. All glory to God!

Youth events are organized almost every month. External events are organized at least once a quarter; the church would usually subsidize the cost of such outings and also pay the full cost of the transportation. This has been a great success with volunteers/teachers helping out during such events. As a group we have been to Shakers, Laser Quest, Mountain View Bawling and Callaway Park.

We have a vibrant Youth Choir and they take ownership of the praise -worship every time the Youth Church is in session. There is also an in-house Youth library with a collection of over 100 books available for the youths as well as their teachers.


They are members of NCA with true burden for the next generation. They are committed to following the church ethics and they have been screened  by Calgary Police.

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