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Prosperity Through Diligence

May 10, 2024

 Do you see any truly competent workers? They will serve kings rather than working for ordinary people.

Prov 22:29 NLT 

Earlier this month we began our meditation on diligence. Today we will reflect on the profound truth found in Genesis 30:29-30, where Jacob speaks to Laban about his prosperity. This passage reveals a powerful truth about the connection between diligent work and blessings. Jacob's prosperity was not merely a matter of luck or chance, but a result of his faithful and diligent service to Laban. 

Jacob's prosperity was directly tied to the success of his work. This teaches us an important lesson – that true prosperity comes from the success and fruitfulness of our labor. Similarly, in our own lives, we can experience God's blessings when we approach our work with diligence, integrity, and excellence. Whether we are employees, entrepreneurs, students, or homemakers, our attitude towards our work matters to God. 

This teaches us an important lesson – that true prosperity comes from the success and fruitfulness of our labor.

It is not just about the money we have in the bank or the possessions we accumulate. True prosperity is about the impact we make through our work. When we take on an assignment and work it diligently, making it successful, then we can truly be called prosperous. 

As children of God, when we work for a company or serve under someone, there are expectations placed upon us. We are called to serve in our role and deliver results rather than excuses. Just as a pregnant woman is expected to bring forth a child, our work is expected to bring forth results. We must stive to leave spaces better than we found them though our work. Our presence should add value, improving processes, enhancing quality, and increasing quantity. Like Jacob, we should be able to point to the growth and success that has resulted from our efforts. 

So, let us examine ourselves and ask: Are we serving with excellence? Are we adding value to our workplace? Are we making a positive impact through our work? May we strive to be diligent and faithful in all that we do, knowing that true prosperity comes from the success of our labor. 

Song of Worship  

Lord, I give You my heart 

I give You my soul 

I live for you alone 

Every breath that I take 

Every moment I'm awake 

Lord, have Your way in

Prayer - May we, like Jacob, experience the joy and fulfillment that comes from faithful service and the abundant blessings that flow from it. May the Lord bless us with the wisdom and strength to excel in our work, bringing glory to His name in Jesus' name, we pray. Amen 



Bible in 1 year: 2 Kings 13-14; John 2


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