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Characteristics of Faith  

March 3, 2024

For we live by faith, not by sight. - 2 Corinthians 5:7(NIV)

Today we embark on Faith week! Hebrews 11:6 declares that without faith, it is impossible to please God. Our lives must be rooted in faith to be pleasing to Him. In this series, we will explore different aspects of faith in our Christian walk of victory and dominion. We’ll start today by exploring the characteristics of faith.  

Faith is following blindly or walking blindly, even when we don’t see results. The woman with the issue of blood took a leap of faith. Instead of waiting to ask for healing, she reached out to touch the hem of Jesus' garment, believing in her heart that she would be healed (Mark 5:25-34). We walk by faith and not by sight. It's like a child walking to the fridge without knowing its contents, trusting that their parents provided what they need. 

Furthermore, faith involves taking possession by asking for help or pleading with God. Consider Jairus, who sought healing for his sick daughter (Mark 5:22-24). When he approached Jesus, his plea was met with compassion, demonstrating that we can ask God for what He has already provided without fear of rejection. Both Jairus and the woman with the issue of blood applied this strategy to receive their desired outcomes. You can choose either or both approaches to achieve your desired goal. 

When trusting God for anything, search the scriptures for a promise that addresses that need. The word of God must be our foundation. 

In Luke 17:11-14, ten lepers were instructed to show themselves to the priest. Traditionally, lepers could only do this after being confirmed as healed. Despite not seeing immediate changes, they obeyed without seeking validation from others. As they journeyed, one of them realized his healing along the way. If faith hadn't propelled them, they might have disregarded the instruction and missed out on their healing. Faith involves waiting for the manifestation of God’s promises, with unwavering belief and trust in God's faithfulness (Hebrews 10:23). 

In Genesis 15:1-6, we see faith as receiving a word from God. If our faith isn't grounded in God's word, it becomes mere self-confidence, relying solely on our strength, no one can prevail by their strength alone (1 Samuel 2:9). Therefore, we must anchor our faith in God's word. When trusting God for anything, search the scriptures for a promise that addresses that need. The word of God must be our foundation. 

Moreover, faith involves hearing the word (Romans 10:17) and allowing it to paint a vivid picture in our minds. In medical terminology, this process is known as integrated sensory processing. It involves the brain integrating sensory information from both the ears and eyes to interact with the environment and coordinate responses.

Abraham, often regarded as the father of faith, exemplifies this in Genesis 15:4-6, where the Bible recounts... “And behold, the word of the Lord came to him, saying, “This one shall not be your heir, but one who will come from your own body shall be your heir.” Then He brought him outside and said, “Look now toward heaven, and count the stars if you are able to number them.” And He said to him, “So shall your descendants be.” And he believed in the Lord, and He accounted it to him for righteousness” Abraham heard the word, and then it prompted him to step outside where the word he received from God painted a vivid picture for him. We must learn to both hear and see the word in order to fully experience its manifestation. 

We are shaped by the word of God; whenever the picture is unclear, we return to His word for clarity, just as Elijah commanded Ahab to do (1 Kings 18:41-19:8). We must continue to revisit and ponder the word until the image of faith becomes clear, and we align our beliefs with it. 

Finally, speaking in faith is essential. As Proverbs 18:21 reminds us, "Life and death are in the power of the tongue; those who love it will eat its fruit." Remaining silent is not an option. Take inspiration from David, who boldly declared victory over Goliath while others cowered in fear. Speak to your challenges using the Word of God, declaring with confidence and prophetic assurance. Paint a vivid picture of victory with Scripture, and watch as your words shape your reality.


                                                     Song of Worship  

 So give me faith like Daniel in the lion's den Give me hope like Moses in the wilderness Give me a heart like David, Lord be my defense So I can face my giants with confidence 

Song: Confidence by Sanctus Real 


Prayer – In the name of the Lord Jesus, every picture I paint today with the Word of God, will be made manifest in the name of Jesus. In Jesus' mighty name I pray. So it is, and shall be in Jesus' name Amen 

Bible in 1 year: Numbers 32-34


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