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Reset by Fasting

May 13, 2024

Blow the trumpet in Zion, Consecrate a fast, 

Call a sacred assembly.

 - Joel 2:15 (NKJV) 

Fasting is abstinence from food, and all unnecessary weights, to seek the face of the Lord. The primary purpose of fasting is not just to declare a hunger strike but to get closer to God—like a reset for our attention and priorities.  

But for this reset to truly occur, in your times of fasting, you must reset how you spend your time. Spend time with God, spend time looking into the Word, praying, and spend time in intense worship. Spend less time on social media, chit-chat, and everything that brings distractions from focusing your gaze on Jesus. 

Fasting brings about a swap of appetite for the pursuit of God.

In Esther 4:16, the queen was about to go before the King, and she declared a fast solely for that purpose. Remember that Esther was the queen, she had access to whatever she wanted—riches, servants, and much more. Yet, she had to engage the force of fasting for the liberation of her people. No matter your position or status, you need to fast, to continually bring your body under the influence of the Spirit. This type of fasting is a voluntary fast—such as a fast you might declare personally, or one declared by your church. It is wise to fast voluntarily.  

It is better to fast voluntarily to avert a negative outcome, than wait for trouble to come and have no other choice than to fast in the day of battle. An involuntary fast is seen in Jonah 1:17 where Jonah was swallowed up by a great fish, and in that state, food was not even in his agenda, but rather survival. May we not see trouble in Jesus' name. 

Fasting brings about a swap of appetite for the pursuit of God. What are those things that you enjoy doing? How many hours do you devote to them—your phone, hanging out with friends, screen time? These are not inherently bad appetites, but you leave them behind to show God how much you long after Him. Now you can spend that time seeking God. In times of fasting, let the hunger for God consume you beyond the hunger for food and worldly pleasures. 

Fast with the right motive. Be intentional. Seek the face of God, and let your heart truly pant after Him in consecration. 

Song of Worship  

  As the deer panteth for the water 

So, my soul longeth after Thee 

You alone are my heart's desire. 

And I long to worship Thee. 

You alone are my strength, my shield. 

To You alone may my spirit yield 

You alone are my heart's desire. 

And I long to worship Thee. 


Song by The Maranatha! Singers  

Prayer - Father, as I learn more about fasting, help me to engage this amazing spiritual practice in spirit and truth. Give me strength to carry on. Let my heart truly seek after You all through this period and all the days of my life. 



Bible in 1 year:  2 Kings 19-21


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